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We buy collections or single pieces of coins, banknotes, stamps, military awards, medals, old postcards, old letters, manuscripts, antiquities and other collectible items.

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All the products we offer at Portugal Moedas are genuine and have unconditional assurance of authenticity.

Since there are also collectors of counterfeit coins of the period and other related topics, whenever there are counterfeit coins of the period, copies, loaded coins or other unofficial coins, these are always in a tab indicated for this purpose, and with the proper identification informing that it is not an original product.

We are against the forgeries and swindles that have been committed in the numismatic market.

We will continue to disavow and divulge the emergence of counterfeits introduced in the numismatic market, such criminal acts that have been intensified in the last years with these copies of coins made in China. Not to mention the recent national production of replicas of medieval coins, leading many collectors to purchase replicas that were sold as originals.

We will always be available to clear up any doubts you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Numismatic Greetings,
Luís Vieira