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We buy collections or single pieces of coins, banknotes, stamps, military awards, medals, old postcards, old letters, manuscripts, antiquities and other collectible items.

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Each coin is a piece of History. This is how we see and value our products, selling collectible historical artifacts, combined with a good service and credibility, this being the guarantee we give to our customers.

We are professionals in Numismatics, covering also other topics of collection, such as Notaphily, Philately, Papers of Value and others, which we collect, buy and sell.

The project and professionalism of PORTUGAL MOEDAS has decades of existence, started by a collector and aimed at collectors.

In truth, the love for this science, Numismatics, is a legacy of many generations.

For years we were also headquartered with a store for sale to the public in Coimbra in the privileged area of downtown, right next to the Santa Cruz Church.

In March 2022, we closed our physical store in Coimbra and started to make a greater commitment to our website, following the trends of the digital age and betting on a greater universal coverage.

Faced with a globalized world, it is a challenge to make ourselves visible on a global scale.

Currently we bring our brand “PORTUGAL MOEDAS” to collectors all over the world, supplying our products always combined with a good service and credibility.

Only in this way can we maintain sustainable growth.

PORTUGAL MOEDAS was one of the first national sites dedicated to Portuguese Coins in the Internet. We’ve been online for 30 years, since 1990, when we started with the domain, in the extinct platform SAPO.PT.

Currently, PORTUGAL MOEDAS owns the following domains:

The domains above and our shop “PORTUGAL MOEDAS” are owned by: Luís Vieira

Contactos :

Email :

Tlm. (+351) 938406867

Endereço para correspondência Postal:

Luis Vieira
Apartado 0006
Estação Correios de Águeda
3754-909 Águeda

Address of our office for face-to-face service:
(Attention: the service is only done by appointment in advance)
The office is in the Castilho Building, where the Águeda Post Office and the Águeda Labor Court are headquartered.
This building is faced by “Rua José de Sucena” and “Rua do Outeiro”, and the entrance to the building is through Rua do Outeiro next to the Labor Court.

BP fraction
Edifício Castilho, (above CTT Águeda)
José Sucena Street
3750-127 Águeda
Note Entrance through Rua do Outeiro, SN

VAT: 194263703

Main CAE: 47790

Our mission is a continuous project with the intention of making this space a platform of national and international reference, giving more and more credibility to the community of Numismatists and other themes of collection, providing our best service, ensuring authenticity and quality in our products.

We will continue to disavow and divulge the emergence of counterfeits introduced in the numismatic market, such criminal acts that have been intensified in the last years with these copies of coins made in China. Not to mention the recent national production of replicas of medieval coins, leading many collectors to purchase replicas that were sold as originals.

We do not relate to those who believe they know everything, but with those that, despite being knowledgeable, are aware that they still have a lot to learn, given that in this subject, we learn and discover something new every day. To share these discoveries with the whole of the collector community, is one of our missions. Despite our great knowledge in this science that studies coins, we constantly acquire new discoveries of variants not studied or cataloged. Consequently, we look for partnerships with all the studied numismatists to share knowledge and to together study and share it. Only then can we make all this information to the whole of the collector community all over the world.

If you are not a follower of "PORTUGAL MOEDAS", we invite you to join the many that are already part of our community of collectors, who share this space and contributed with their suggestions for improvements, making this a site of national and international reference.

Our relationship with collectors goes beyond a simple business. We are their advisors, consultants, partners, and friends. We make their collections a reality, as we are always on the lookout for lists of missing items that they entrust to us.
Our product variety goes far beyond what we offer on our website and in our physical store. We have an offer of coins and other national and international collectibles for the most diverse states of conservation and prices, thus seeking to meet all kinds of demand from our collectors.

More and more we are working with lists of missing items that are sent to us by our followers, to which we respond as we receive the items in question. For this reason, our site is a small portfolio of our large size.

We will always be available to clear up any doubts you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
We thank, once again, all those who have trusted our services and products over the years, remembering that your satisfaction is our success.

Numismatic Greetings,
Luís Vieira