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We buy collections or single pieces of coins, banknotes, stamps, military awards, medals, old postcards, old letters, manuscripts, antiquities and other collectible items.

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Telf: +351 938 406 867
(Portuguese national mobile call)
Postal mailing address:
Portugal Moedas
Apartado 0006
Estação de Correios de Águeda
3754-909 Águeda

We inform you that in March 2022, we closed our physical store in Coimbra and started to make a greater commitment to our website, following the trends of the digital age and betting on a greater universal coverage.

We have our office for in-person service located in the city center of Águeda and in the near future we plan to open two more, one located in the north and another in the south of Portugal, thus also having a greater coverage of in-person service at a national level.
The office in Águeda is already in operation, which works exclusively by appointment, and must be made to our mobile phone 938406867. (No appointments by email are accepted)

Address of our office for in-person service:

(Attention: service is only done by appointment)
The office is in the Castilho Building, where the Águeda Post Office and the Águeda Labor Court are headquartered. This building is faced by “Rua José de Sucena” and “Rua do Outeiro”, and the entrance to the building is through Rua do Outeiro next to the Labor Court.

Fração BP
Edifício dos CTT Águeda
Rua José Sucena
3750-127 Águeda
Obs. Entrada pela Rua do Outeiro, SN

40°34'23.7"N 8°26'42.7"W
40.573256, -8.445192